Evod 2 Starter Kit Tutorial

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  1. Janine says:

    E cigs have come a long way. Im not a beginner however im not ready to build my own. New models come out & they’re better than the last. Id like a kit w 2 batteries or 1 pass thru, with a lower ohm coil, easy to find replacements & ? have 510 capability as i own lots of chargers, tanks, etc. Is dual coil better? Seems just more $ and new info / products change. What do u advise that has ‘long’ lifespan. SEEMS newer equip lasts less time than predecessors. Is it our consumer [US] throw away mentality? Im an environmentalist. Live in US, where is your store? I need to google it! Thanks for ANY input. PS i like pass thru’s ~ being told they’re phasing out, people dont like? Is this true thanks again. Dr. Janine

    • Damien Heath says:

      Hi Dr. Janine,

      We are based in South Australia. Passthrough is definitely not losing favour – plenty of devices still have this option, including the Ego One device which is a great kit with a regular 1.0 ohm coil as well as sub-ohm capability. The industry has moved towards “box mods” with greater battery capacity and resistance range, but plenty of these still have passthrough charging capabilities, including the iStick 40W TC and the Kanger Subox Mini, both of which are capable of firing sub-ohm or standard resistance coils.

      In terms of the best starter kit we recommend, that would be the iStick 40W TC with an Aspire Nautilus Mini tank.

      Hope this helps!

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