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Keep your e-cig clean

7 essential tips for keeping your vape in top condition

The best device in the world can suffer from wear and tear or from hard use, but with a little love and care you can keep your ecig in tip top condition. Here are seven tips for getting the best out of your device.

1. Don’t let your e-liquid run too low
For bottom dual coil tanks, when e-liquid is at a level below the holes in the coil, it becomes more difficult for it to draw in enough liquid, increasing the risk of dry burn. Not only does that taste awful, you can potentially burn your coil out altogether.

2. Keep your battery terminal clean
Dirty terminals can affect performance or prevent your tank from making a proper connection. All you need to do is wipe the terminal with a cotton bud to keep it clean, you can also clean the connecting part of your tank in the same way.

rinse out your clearomiser

3. Rinse out your tank and keep the drip tip clean

If you think about what your device is exposed to – being touched and vaped on day in day out, you really should give your tank (aka clearomiser) and the drip tip (mouth piece) a regular clean. All you need to do is remove the clearomiser from the battery, take off the mouth piece if possible (not all clearomisers can be taken apart) and rinse with warm water. Denture tablets can also be great for cleaning.

It’s also a good idea to give your drip tip a quick wipe from time to time to avoid a build up of pocket fluff.  If the drip tip on your tank is removable check for any liquid that might build up under it. Give it a wipe or rinse occasionally and it won’t be a problem.

Whatever you do, don’t wash the coil and make sure everything is completely dry before using again.

4. Don’t run your batteries right down
Keeping some charge in your batteries can extend their life. Also be sure to fully charge batteries before packing for transport or long journeys, and keep your battery away from high temperatures.

5. Don’t screw your tank on too tightly
Screwing a clearomiser too tightly onto a battery can damage the connections. You only need to gently hand tighten. Should your tank become difficult to unscrew from the battery you could use a rubber grip to try to loosen it. Try to avoid using tools to unscrew your tank as you could damage both the tank and the battery.

6. Change the coil
Coils are a consumable and need to be replaced regularly to maintain performance. With regular use, a coil generally lasts between one to two weeks. If you notice a drop in flavour or vapour production, hear a gurgling, or experience a burnt taste, it’s time to swap out your coil.

7. Store your device correctly
Proper storage of your device will certainly keep it safe and potentially extend its life. Consider investing in a soft or hard carrying case for storing your e-cig, spare batteries, e-liquid and any other loose parts to keep them secure, protected and clean. At other times it is good practice to generally keep your device upright and away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Jacqui Munn

Jacqui Munn


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