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7 Hot Vaping Trends in 2015

2015 has been a massive year of change for the vaping industry. All at once it has felt like widespread acceptance has started to be achieved, tempered with increased anxiety about possibly restrictive government regulation.

Let’s take a look at some of the big changes we’ve noticed in 2015.

1. Regulated mods have taken over

It was only marginally more than a year ago that if you were vaping, you were either (a) a starter on an EVOD 2; or (b) a hardcore vaper with a tube mechanical mod.

The iStick 20W came out in October 2014 and popularised the “box mod” style of device. From there, it’s blown up beyond belief. iStick themselves have come out with 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W and 100W versions of their device; KangerTech brought out the ever-popular Subox Mini, and Joyetech chipped in with the eVic-VT; and there’s been updated versions of SmokTech’s M80, Innokin’s MVP 3.0 Pro, and Pioneer4You’s IPV D2.

The natural progression for those looking to move on from their EVOD 2 or Ego One kits into something more powerful now entails looking first at the regulated mods such as those just mentioned, rather than the mechanical mods.

Regulated mods have the advantage of safety features such as short circuit protection, and the ability to adjust power to customise your vape experience.

2. We all sub-ohm, bro


It’s been a year since Aspire released the first sub-ohm tank, the Atlantis, to market. Since that point, every company has released at least one sub-ohm tank, and most companies have released a lot more.

A sub-ohm tank is any tank that uses a coil below 1 ohm of resistance. It delivers a direct lung inhale (rather than mouth-to-lung) and a huge amount of vapour.

With so many on the market it’s difficult to keep up, but we highly recommend the Subtank Nano, Subtank Mini, Freemax Starre and Smok TFV4 tanks – they all deliver a different experience, give a smooth vape and are reliable and easy to use.

(We personally think sub-ohm is great, too, but we also believe every manufacturer is missing the boat on one thing – the Aspire Nautilus Mini is still the best regular tank on the market, has been for almost two years, and no competitor is in sight!)

3. Everybody wants more power


The iStick 20W and the MVP 2.0 both came with 20 watts of power. The DNA 30 came along and gave us an extra ten watts. That was pretty much where we maxed out in 2014.

Fast forward 12 months and we’ve seemingly got 100 watt and higher devices coming out on a weekly basis.

As sub-ohm tanks initially used single coils at around 0.5 ohms, 30 watts was plenty. Now they’re using dual coils – even triple coils – and reaching resistances as low as 0.2 ohms or lower, so frequently they are able to push up above 70 or 80 watts – there’s a couple of tanks on the market that even advertise hitting 130 to 150 watts.

4. Temperature control is 2015’s newest toy

We just recently published a blog all about temperature control. It’s a good read on the history of TC and how it works.

One thing is clear, though – while it’s sometimes confusing if you haven’t used it, everybody thinks they want temperature control. Nearly every new high-powered device now comes equipped with TC, and if you opt-in for one of these devices then we suppose you’re future-proofing yourself even if you don’t use it at first.

We think that vaping with Kanthal coils in wattage mode is still awesome, and it’s probably still 50/50 as to whether you’ll prefer temperature control. It’s awesome on some devices and half-cooked on others, and there’s going to be plenty of improvement of the feature throughout 2016.

5. Acceptance in the wider community

Man with an electronic cigarette in a public place.
Man with an electronic cigarette in a public place.

It’s only recent news, but finally vaping is gaining traction as an accepted method of quitting smoking (even if we’re not really allowed to say that…).

While we see and hear of people successfully quitting smoking every single day when they come into our shops or call us on the phone, the government doesn’t seem to have quite caught on to this yet.

Heartening news came out of the UK in August when they published a report entitled E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco. It was the first national government-backed research that found vaping to be a smoking cessation tool, and recommended that it should be used as such by the National Health Service (NHS).

Further pro-vaping reports are sure to follow throughout 2016.

6. The government wants regulation

It’s a scary word, “regulation”. But in actuality, every industry has some kind of regulation, and as a business we invite it so that we can have certainty in the way we trade.

When it comes to vaping, however, regulation has so far taken a nasty turn – it’s often lumped in with the devastating consequences of cigarettes and smoking (even though this isn’t even remotely true), and as such the end result of regulation has been restrictive trade practices and even banning the sale of electronic cigarettes.

We made our submission to the Select Committee on E-Cigarettes in August, and had a visit from them at our Goodwood store recently. We now await their findings and hope that they are in-line with our own findings regarding the astronomical benefits to existing smokers.

7. Smokers love quitting!


Those astronomical benefits have one result for smokers. Often, despite many quit attempts including patches, inhalers, gum and mints, hypnotherapy, medication, and going cold turkey, vaping has been the thing that allowed them to kick the habit.

We aren’t kidding when we say that we see this each and every day, dozens of times. The best part of this industry is hearing the stories of those who have quit smoking. It makes it all worth while.

While writing our submission to the Select Committee we ran an in-store survey. 143 people signed, 87% of whom had used vaping to quit smoking. They’d gone from 3,406 combined cigarettes per day to just 96 – over 1.2 million cigarettes per year no longer being smoked. That speaks for itself.

We don’t see this trend stopping anytime soon. Expect 2016 to be the Year of the Quitter!

Damien Heath

Damien Heath


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