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Customise your eVic-VT Mini

How to Customise your eVic Mini or Cuboid

Joyetech has released a software update which allows you to add a custom logo to your eVic-VTC Mini, Cuboid or Cuboid Mini. It’s a quirky little feature that will display at the top of the screen and appear whenever the button hasn’t been pressed for a few seconds. At the time of writing the update was only available for the eVic-VTC Mini, Cuboid, Cuboid Minis and eGrip II. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to do. So if you like the idea of customising your device, here’s how to do it.

First up you will need to  create a logo or image, or perhaps find a simple image that you can convert. It will need to be super simple as the software only allows for a monochrome bitmap at no bigger than 64 x 40 px. To make things a little easier on yourself, it’s a good idea to create your initial image at 10 times that size, at say 640 x 400 px. You can then reduce the image down to the required 64 x 40 px.  You will need to save it or export it in the bitmap format. The end result looks fairly pixelated, but unfortunately that’s really the best you can hope to achieve.

Here’s how The Vape Store logo started and then finished.

The Vape Store Logo before and after

If you don’t have graphic software that can save images as a bitmap, you can use the Paint program that comes with Microsoft, or Preview in Mac to export the image in bitmap format.

Once you have the logo you want to use, you need to head to Joyetech to download the software pack at

  • Select the device you want to upgrade from the list.
  • Choose your operating system and the download will automatically begin.
  • Open the zip file and locate and launch the “UpdateFirmware.exe” File.
  • Plug your device to the USB on your computer and the buttons “Upgrade” and “Logo” should turn blue if connected properly.

Joyetech Software panel

Select “Upgrade” and you will be prompted to find the file you want to open. You simply browse to the file that describes your mod and choose the one with the highest number at the end (3.03 for VTC or Cuboid Mini or 3.13 for the Cuboid).

Joyetech software

Select “open” or double-click on the file and the update will begin. After it’s finished, you will have the latest version of software and will receive a confirmation message.

Now it’s time to upload your logo.

If you go back to the software panel you can now click on the logo button at which time you will be prompted to choose a file. You can simply drag your logo from wherever you saved it into the resources file and click “open”. You will then see a confirmation saying “Logo Update Completed”.

That’s it. You’re done. Your logo should now show up at the top of your mod. Happy vaping!


Jacqui Munn

Jacqui Munn


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