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Electronic cigarette laws in Queensland

While the future of electronic cigarettes in Australia remains under something of a cloud, in Queensland at least, new legislation has come into effect that puts e-cigs into the same category as tobacco products.

The new laws are now in force and stipulate the following:

  • Use in existing no-smoking indoor and outdoor places is prohibited.
  • Children under 18 years of age may not use or purchase e-cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes cannot be advertised, promoted or displayed at retail outlets.

The laws also apply to ‘vaping’ on the premises of all schools, hospitals and health facilities—including within five meters of their boundaries—while on- the-spot fines of A$230 will be given to offenders

The Heart Foundation seems to think that clamping down on vaping is a good thing.
Director Rachelle Foreman is quoted by AAP as being a poison risk and “not proven to be safe” or approved to help people quit smoking in Australia.

“E-cigarette vapour is drawn deep into the lungs, delivers poisons and chemicals, including toxic metals,” Ms Foreman said.

“Our greatest concern is that e-cigarettes appear to be encouraging the uptake of smoking among children and could see another generation addicted to nicotine.”

What’s more in Queensland liquid nicotine is illegal.

You are not allowed to manufacture, obtain, possess, prescribe, sell, advertise, use or destroy nicotine in that state.

Shane Kerrigan owns iVape Australia, one of the very few retailers with a store-front in Queensland. He said he was disappointed the new laws had been passed and admitted he would struggle to market and advertise his products to potential customers.

“We will diversify and do it the way tobacco has had to do it – under the counter,” he said.

“The most important thing I want my customers to understand is that we are not going anywhere.

“Giving up cigarettes is not an easy thing to do and I’m here to support my customers.”

Mr Kerrigan said he believed a better alternative would have been for the Queensland Government to look at England which has embraced e-cigarettes and regulated them based on the merits that that e-cigs have in helping people quit using tobacco cigarettes.

“I have customers who have smoked for 50 years and tried everything to give up and then tried e-cigarettes and given up, no problem at all.

“The silly thing is we have made the conscious decision to get away from tobacco smokers for our own health and now the government is pushing us to stand next to smokers.”

Jacqui Munn

Jacqui Munn


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