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“Hello, iJoy”: How to use the iJoy Avenger’s Voice Control features

The iJoy Avenger Kit is a brand new device from one of vaping’s most trusted manufacturers. Following hot on the heels of the Captain and Genie mods which started the 20700 battery revolution, the Avenger is keen to keep pushing the boundaries of what is capable in a mod.

Before we get to the big reveal on this device’s unique feature, let’s take a look at the specifications.

Measuring 90mm tall and 50mm wide, the Avenger runs on two 20700 batteries and comes with an 18650 battery adapter if you’d prefer to stick to those. If you purchase your Avenger Kit from The Vape Store, you’ll receive two high-capacity 20700 batteries with the device at no extra cost.

All of the usual features are included, such as support for Temperature Control with Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel coils, and a large OLED screen which will tell you your wattage/temperature, coil resistance, voltage and more.

The 510 pin which connects your tank to the device is also centred, which is an uncommon but welcome addition to this device. It makes the whole kit well-balanced and allows for 30mm diameter tanks to be used without any overhang.

The Menu System

The Avenger comes complete with a high-quality colour OLED screen, and the menu system is intuitive and easy to follow. It allows for great levels of customisation.

Just press the fire button three times while the device is on to enter the menu, and then use the left and right buttons to scroll through the options and the fire button to confirm your choice.

“P” will get you into Power (Wattage) mode, or “T” will get you into Temperature Control mode (from there, you can choose your coil material). For further customisation, choose “TCR” to set your own temperature coefficient of resistance settings.

“LED” will get you to the screen where you can choose your light colours to be displayed on the mod, which we’ll detail a little more in a moment.

“N/H/U/S” will allow you to set the intensity of the vape, and these stand for Normal, Hard, User and Soft modes. In User mode, you can set ‘curves’ that will vape at particular intensities for periods of one second each, allowing you to really control how you vape. These settings are useful for people who take longer inhales and tend to burn out coils quickly – set the intensity lower after 2-3 seconds so that the power going through your coil drops the longer you vape.

In the “Settings” icon, you’ll get your options for screen time (how long your screen stays on after vaping), as well as the ability to turn Voice Control on or off.

How to use Voice Control

But the big selling feature of the iJoy Avenger is Voice Control. It’s the first time this has been included on a vape mod, and maybe it’s the next big thing.

“Hello, iJoy” is the simple command you’ll need to state to wake up your device and start using the included voice control commands. Think of it as the vaping version of “Hey Siri”.

An icon will appear on the screen to show you that it’s now in Voice Control mode. From there, there’s a series of commands which will perform several functions.

“Auto Watt” or “Auto Power” will adjust the device to the optimal power setting based on the resistance of the coil in use. Want to adjust from there? “Power High” will turn the wattage up 10 watts, and “Power Low” will turn it down 10 watts.

“Turn On Light” will turn on the lights that surround the screen, and “Change Colour” will change the colour of the LEDs. Keep stating this command to scroll through all the colours, or say “Romantic Light” for the device to scroll through a rainbow of different colours.

Even cooler is the “Music Light” command, which allows the device to strobe to the sound of music. That’s right – it’ll listen to music with you and ‘dance’ along!

When you’re finished, just tell the mod “Light Off” and it’ll go back into dark mode.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably placed your high-powered device into the drinks holder of your car while you’re driving, and it’s leaned on the wattage up button. Next thing you know, you’ve burned out your coil vaping at 200+ watts unknowingly.

Avoid that issue by telling your Avenger to “Lock Device” without taking your eyes off the road. When you’re ready to vape again, “Unlock Device” will take care of that.

The mod is also firmware upgradeable, which means additional commands may be featured in future updates downloadable from the iJoy website.

This pretty revolutionary device is available now at The Vape Store, but get in quick – people are loving the Voice Control feature and it’s selling fast!

Damien Heath

Damien Heath


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