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How to choose a starter kit

How to choose a Starter Kit

If you are new to vaping it can seem a little confusing at first. If you are looking at getting started, then here’s a look at the starter kits available through The Vape Store. Whether you are looking for something that simply replicates a cigarette, or something that gives a little more, we have the right device for you.


evod2-starter-kit_largeThis is a good, steady, reliable device. There are no settings; you just fill up your tank, press the button on the battery on the inhale and you’re away.

The kit contains two devices, so when one is out of charge, you can swap it out and use the second one, while you charge the first. The kit also comes with five replacement coils.

The EVOD 2 is essentially a rechargeable 650mAh battery (you should get around 600 puffs from a fully charged battery) with a tank on top that uses a dual coil. As with all electronic cigarettes, the coil will need to be changed regularly.  The coil is made up of wicking wrapped around two little heating elements. When you push the button on the battery, it heats the coil which heats the liquid that has been soaked into the wicking, which in turn creates the vapour. Over time, the coil will start to clog and you will notice a loss of vapour and flavour production. Sometimes the coil will simply stop working. At this point you unscrew the coil from its base and pop a fresh one in. Generally a coil will last between 1- 2 weeks with regular use. EVOD 2 replacement coils are $12 for a pack of five.

As the coils on the EVOD 2 are relatively small, while you will get reasonable flavour and vapour,  it is on the smaller end of the vaping experience. However, if you want a device with minimal fuss and bother, that provides a reasonable replication of smoking, then this could be the one for you.

Innokin Endura T18


This is also a simple-to-use device, but is definitely a step-up from the EVOD 2 in terms of vapour and flavour production.

You get one device in the kit, however, at 1000mAh, the battery capacity is almost double the EVOD 2. You can also use your device while it’s plugged-in and charging.

The battery outputs at 14w and provides a draw very similar to a cigarette.

The coils that come with the Endura T18 kit are a lot bigger than the coils used by the EVOD 2. The kit comes with an extra coil, both at 1.5ohms, which allows for a mouth-to-lung inhale, similar to smoking. The Endura T18 replacement coils are $15 for a pack of five.

If you are looking for a device that is easy to use, but creates a good amount of vapour and flavour, while still replicating the experience of smoking, then this ticks both boxes.

iStick Basic

istickbasicThe iStick Basic Starter Kit is a simple new device from Eleaf that provides a really great vaping experience.

The iStick Basic is 2300mah battery mod into which the 14mm tank slots straight into the side thanks to a magnetic connector at its base.

Included in the box is a Micro USB charging cable; simply plug this into any USB power output to charge the device. It is capable of passthrough charging, meaning that you can continue to use the device while it is plugged in.

The kit comes with the Eleaf GS Air 2 tank, which takes a range of coils. Included with the device are two 0.75 ohm coils, making this essentially a sub-ohm device right off the bat. It also is capable of taking 1.2 ohm and 1.5 ohm coils for more of a mouth-to-lung inhale. The GS Air 2 is a 2ml tank and includes adjustable airflow. It’s a really good, flavourful inhale and produces a decent amount of vapour – much more than the Aspire Nautilus Mini.

Combined together, the iStick Basic and GS Air 2 combination run really well, and when fully charged, depending on the amount of use it gets, a standard charge should last more than a day.

This combination of products is among the best on the market for those looking for a mouth-to-lung inhale, and probably the best introduction to sub-ohm vaping that we’ve found.



While the iStick and the Nautilus Mini aren’t strictly what you would call a “starter kit”, this is a great combination for people looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping.

The iStick 40W is a small box mod that is capable of firing up to 40 watts. It has a battery capacity of 2600mAh and depending on the tank you run, it can give up to two days of use before it needs to be charged again. The battery is also passthrough, allowing it to be used while charging. On its own, this is a fantastic device that is capable of running a number of tanks, from your regular tank that replicates smoking, to the larger “sub-ohm” tanks.

For people looking to transition from smoking, we recommend using the iStick with the Nautilus Mini. This is a fantastic tank that provides great flavour and vapour while maintaining the mouth-to-lung inhale that smokers are used to. The tank has adjustable airflow, and comes with two coils (one installed and one replacement). Nautilus Mini replacement coils are $15 for a pack of five.

The tank is easy to fill and holds up to 2.5ml of liquid. The coil runs best at between 10 and 18 watts. You don’t want to run it too low, as you risk the liquid not heating quickly enough, or too high so that you run the risk of burning the liquid on the way through. Most people find that sweet spot that works best for them.

You can purchase the iStick Starter Kit for $95



While this is a “starter kit” the iJust 2 falls into the “sub-ohm” category. What that means is the coil it uses is less than one ohm. The coil that comes with the kit is 0.3ohm which allows for it to burn at a higher intensity to create a lot more flavour and especially vapour.

It also means the device is not really designed for the mouth-to-lung inhale that smokers are used to, but to inhale the vapour straight into the lungs.

The tank has adjustable airflow and the battery has a capacity of 2600mAH. Like the eGo ONE, the iJust 2 has the ability to be charged while in use.

This is a great kit for someone looking to move into the “sub-ohm” experience of vaping. There are no settings to worry about, just fill the tank, press the button and go. For the price, this kit provides incredible flavour and is really easy to use.


Hopefully the above helps you make a more informed decision on which device would be best for you, not only if you’re new to vaping, but if you are also just looking for a new device to help you make the switch from smoking.  If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line through our contact page, or give the store a call on (08) 7231 1292. We’re always happy to talk to customers to help them make the best choice to meet their needs.




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