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Super Sub-Ohm: 100 watts and above – here are 6 of the best

Cloud chasers rejoice! The number of super high-wattage sub-ohm tanks is on the increase. Smok started the trend back in 2015 with the TFV4, which ran at about 100 watts, and then followed it up last year with the much-improved TFV8. Since then, there’s been a huge number of them hitting the market, and we’re here to help you pick the best one for your device.

Smok TFV8

tfv8Smok followed up their very popular TFV4 tank from 2015 with the much-improved TFV8. It includes even more airflow, and the new Turbo V8 coils give off superb flavour.

Made for vaping upwards of 100 watts, the V8-T8 coils (which registered at 0.15 ohms) are rated up to 260 watts. It sits best between 120-160 watts, though. At this range it produces a massive cloud as well as intense flavour.

One of the big improvements of the TFV8 over the TFV4 is its ability to reproduce accurate creamy flavours. So for the dessert loves out there, this tank is one of the current leaders on the market.

The TFV8 kit also comes with a rebuildable deck to go along with its two pre-built coils, giving users the option of simply swapping out the coils easily, or building their own coils to match their own tastes.

Smok was really the first company to push the super sub-ohm agenda, and the TFV8 matched up well with their high-powered mods at the time. It’s still one of the best tanks available for those who want such an intense experience, so don’t overlook it just because the TFV12 has now been released (look further down for our review on that one).

Smok increased their TFV8 range with the TFV8 Baby and the TFV8 Big Baby recently, too.

The TFV8 is available now from The Vape Store


Eleaf Melo 300

melo300Eleaf have long been one the premier ‘budget’ mod makers, and their iStick series has been super popular ever since it was released at the end of 2014. They’ve done a good range of tanks along the way, as well, but their first high-wattage tank is a really great option for those who wants big clouds at a low price.

The Melo 300 is a great, simple looking tank – it’s clean in its design and has some great features, not least of which is that it works with not only the Melo 300 coils, but also the Smok TFV8 coils and the Horizon Duos coils, as well.

What this means is that you’ve got a really huge selection of coils to choose from – there’s the 0.16 ohm Melo 300 coils, which are really amazing at around 160-200 watts, as well as the TFV8 coils (mentioned above) and the slightly lower-powered Duos coils (which run between 80-150 watts).

Prior to this tank being released, a super sub-ohm tank would always set you back more than $50. But Eleaf have driven the price down, and the Melo 300 achieves similar vapour and flavour results to the TFV8 for just $36.

The Melo 300 is available now from The Vape Store


Horizon Duos

duosHorizon were responsible for one of the first super low-resistance sub-ohm tanks back in 2015 with the Arctic, which took 0.2 ohm coils. That’s pretty standard now, but back at the time it pushed the envelope. Now they’ve come out with one of our favourite tanks, the Duos.

As mentioned above, the Duos coils are compatible with both the Smok TFV8 coils and the Eleaf Melo 300 coils, which gives you a huge range of options.

What makes the Duos different than those two tanks? Well, it runs at a slightly lower wattage with the Duos coils installed. There’s four options – quad, tiger, clapton and octuplet – and the first three of those are rated between 80-110 watts, with the octuplet pushing up to 150 watts.

All of these coils give off really amazing flavour, however, so you can’t go wrong there. The Duos is a really smooth tank, and the top-filling half-twist cap makes it easy to refill your juice (and believe us – you go through your juice pretty quickly with any of these tanks!).

You can customise the look of your Duos, as well – it’ll come with one red and one clear tube, but there’s different coloured glass tanks (sold separately) available in green, orange, black and blue. There’s also an RTA deck (sold separately) for those who like to build their own coils.

The Duos is available now from The Vape Store


Smok TFV12

tfv12Pretty much unsurpassed at the moment, the TFV12 is for vapers who want the biggest experience possible. With coils rated up to 350 watts, the TFV12 sits best somewhere between 160-240 watts.

There’s extra airflow over the TFV8, and the T12-V12 coils actually house – you guessed it – 12 individual coils. They’re massive – the coils themselves are as big as some tanks used to be.

Like the TFV8, the TFV12 will give you a huge cloud of vapour and a really awesome flavour. It’s a very similar tank to its predecessor, but is capable of running at a higher wattage to go with some of the really high-powered mods coming out these days. In fact, Smok’s own GX350 device was built with just this tank in mind.

It’s got a large 6ml juice capacity, and is available in two different variations – the Standard Edition which comes with three pre-built coils, and the RBA Edition which comes with two different rebuildable decks. So, again, you have many options to create the best vape to match your own desires.

The TFV12 is available now from The Vape Store


iJoy MAXO V12

maxov12The MAXO V12 from iJoy is another super sub-ohm tank that houses 12 individual coils in the one casing. It’s rated up to 315 watts, but it vapes best around 200 watts.

One thing that sets the MAXO V12 apart is its really eye-catching aesthetic design. The large ‘X’ on the centre tube is really nice, and it’s in gold in both the gold and black tanks (or silver on the stainless steel tank). Put simply, this is one of the nicest looking tanks out there, super sub-ohm or otherwise.

The MAXO V12 comes with two pre-built coils as well as a triple-coil rebuildable deck included, and the top-filling is done via a flip-hinge style top cap for ease of use and less mess.

It will be interesting to see where iJoy go in the future, since they’ve never really made super sub-ohm tanks. This one is a great first effort, though, and most cloud chasers are really going to love it.

The MAXO V12 is available now from The Vape Store


Sense Blazer Pro

blazerproThe Blazer series from Sense is renowned for flavour, and the Pro is also capable of massive clouds at a super high wattage, too.

Measuring 28mm in diameter, the Blazer Pro is among the largest tanks on the market today. It holds 7ml of juice, so you’re covered for a fair amount of time if you’re out and about during the day.

The coils included are registered at 0.2 ohms and 0.3 ohms, and they run up to 200 watts. It’ll vape a little below the wattage on some of the other tanks listed here, but the airflow is massive and so it means you’ll still achieve a huge cloud of vapour.

Available in a variety of finishes, the Blazer Pro is Sense’s newest entry into this category, and we think it’ll be really popular. They were responsible for the excellent Herakles tanks of recent years, so the Blazer series should already have some fans.

This one’s also available in a lower-wattage Sense Blazer Mini version, too!

The Blazer Pro is available now from The Vape Store

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