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The Vape Store Submission to the Select Committee on E-Cigarettes

The future of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporisers is under the spotlight around the country.

Along with the current ban (and court appeal) in Western Australia on the sale of electronic cigarettes, the New South Wales Government recently moved to stop the importation of nicotine.

There’s a similar rule in Queensland, while there have been some public consultations in the ACT and Tasmania around the use of e-cigs.

Here in South Australia, the House of Assembly has set up a Select Committee to look into e-cigarettes and any legislative and regulatory controls they feel should be applied to the advertising, sale and use of personal vaporisers.

One of the positives has been that they have at least called for submissions from the public, with those due on August 21, 2015. The Committee has also indicated that they will be visiting a number of vendors in Adelaide (including The Vape Store) to talk through their terms of reference and look at the services provided and the way local businesses operate.

For those of you who might be interested, you can check out the submission put forward by The Vape Store here (we have blanked out any personal details of those that took part in the submission to protect their privacy).

We decided to focus on two particular parts of the terms of reference, that being: part (a) the potential for personal vaporisers to reduce tobacco smoking prevalence and harms and part (b) to make recommendations on the approaches to the regulation of personal vaporisers under the Tobacco Regulation Act 1997. The Select Committee is particularly interested in addressing the availability and supply of electronic cigarettes; sales to minors; advertising and promotion; use in smoke free areas; product safety and quality control.

Having sold electronic cigarettes to thousands of people across almost two years of trading, we were able to draw upon the experience of those customers, the majority of whom have reported they have successfully made the transition from smoking. Many of those had been entrenched smokers with chronic health problems who had really struggled to quit without the use of a vaporiser.

At our two physical stores in Adelaide we asked customers to fill in a form to simply state their name and age, how many cigarettes a day they used to smoke, how long they had ben vaping and how many cigarettes a day they currently smoke.

We had 143 people take part. From the data they provided we were able to create a picture that showed the average customer’s age was 39.1. The average number of cigarettes smoked a day was 23.8 while the average time spent vaping had been 11.7 months. The current level of smoking was an average of 0.7 cigarettes a day.

As we pointed out to the Select Committee, that meant those 143 people had been smoking 3,402 cigarettes every day prior to the use of an electronic cigarette. As a group they were now smoking 96 cigarettes a day. So each and every day, just from that group of respondent alone, 3,306 cigarettes are no longer being smoked. If you extrapolate that out over a year, that’s more than 1.2 million cigarettes no longer smoked.

We hope the submission we were able to provide will go some way to inform the members of the Select Committee about the positive effects electronic cigarettes have had for many, many people across the country.

We would also like to thank those people that took part, both by providing us written testimonials and those that took the time to fill out our in-store form.

Jacqui Munn

Jacqui Munn


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