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Uwell Nunchaku: Rethinking the Pen-style Kit

Vape pens with higher wattage have been getting more and more popular lately. The Uwell Nunchaku is the latest addition to this category, and one of the best.

Uwell have a reputation for building great products. The Crown series of tanks has long been a favourite among vapers, and the more recent Valyrian tank is one of the best on the market. Now they have released a mod kit – the Nunchaku – and it’s going to be a hit.

Higher wattage vape pens are a growing market. Smok have been selling bucketloads of their Stick V8 series, and recently upgraded it with the top-airflow Stick X8 Kit. Eleaf have released the updated iJust 3 Kit to compete, as well.

Uwell have decided to do things a little bit differently

The Nunchaku has some features that no other pen-style kit in this category includes.

First, and most importantly, the Nunchaku runs on a single 18650 battery rather than an in-built battery. This makes the Nunchaku a little bit bigger, but not by much. The real difference comes in the weight.

Device Height Diameter Weight
Eleaf iJust 3 136mm 25mm 158 grams
Smok Stick X8 144mm 24.5mm 147 grams
Uwell Nunchaku 141mm 27.4mm 216 grams

The Nunchaku kit certainly weighs a fair bit more, and it will feel far more solid in your hand. The addition of the 18650 battery, and the allowance of some space for an OLED screen are the reason for this added weight.

Oh, that’s right – there’s a screen!

Screens on vape pens are not common. Manufacturers have always preferred to keep the size of their devices down, hence the exclusion of screens. This also meant that these devices couldn’t have accurate wattage control, since you couldn’t see the wattage setting. Some kits got around this by including three or four pre-set wattages, but these were often too strong or too weak for users.

The screen on the Nunchaku isn’t huge, but it’s easy to read and contains all of the information you’ll need. Wattage, battery life, coil resistance and output voltage are all shown. Alternatively, your Temperature Control information for Nickel or Stainless Steel is shown if you’d prefer to run in those modes. (TC also isn’t standard on vape pens, so that’s another bonus for the Nunchaku kit.)

Wattage is adjustable from 5 watts all the way up to 80 watts, which is an impressive range for this kind of pen. Since this device is regulated, you can continue to vape at your desired wattage until your battery depletes. Vape pens without adjustable wattage actually run on battery voltage, which depletes with use – that’s why a fully-charged Stick X8 will always feel more powerful than an almost-empty one.

The tank which comes included in this kit is also known as the Nunchaku, and it’s just as good as the mod. It’s a top-filling tank with a 5ml e-liquid capacity, and features large adjustable airflow at its base. It uses Uwell’s patented plug-and-pull coil system. In our experience, this system has been almost leak-proof.

The Nunchaku coils come in two different resistances, both of which are included in the kit. Pre-installed in your tank you’ll find a 0.25 ohm coil, which runs best between 40 to 50 watts. Included as a spare is a 0.4 ohm coil, which runs best between 45 to 55 watts.

Uwell don’t typically overestimate the performance of their coils, unlike many other brands. When paired with the right e-liquids, we’ve found that these coils can be pushed a little bit further than these wattage ranges.

The tank gives off a smooth vape, but produces a big cloud. It’s a perfect accompaniment for the mod – in fact, it’s a couple of millimetres narrower in diameter than the device itself, so it will never feel top-heavy and should maintain its balance when stood upright.

The firing button is solid metal with an etched design, and feels comfortable to press. The build quality is really excellent with this kit. Uwell have never released a full device before, so they’ve obviously taken their time to get this one right, and it shows.

So it’s got an 18650 and adjustable wattage, but why should you care?

Well, the advantages these features bring is pretty big.

High-wattage pen-style kits typically run out of battery life during the day with heavy use, and need to be put on charge. With the Nunchaku, all you need to do is swap out your 18650 battery and keep on vaping. Grab yourself an external battery charger and a battery case, and you’ll be able to carry a few spares with you wherever you go.

The adjustable wattage not only allows you to zero in on your desired amount of power, but it also allows you to use different tanks on this device with ease. Whereas in-built battery pens output power that is optimal for a particular tank or coil (usually the one it comes with, of course), the Nunchaku can easily be set to the right wattage for any tank.

The Uwell Nunchaku kit has features that no other vape pen provides. Adjustable wattage, an OLED screen and an external battery. Click To Tweet

The Nunchaku is a really versatile kit, and while it’s not the cheapest on the market (as they say, you get what you pay for) it’s definitely worth the investment if you consider any of these features important.

If you’re a fan of Uwell products, it’s a no-brainer. This one is just as good, and probably even better looking than what they’ve done before.


Damien Heath

Damien Heath


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