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What are Doublers and Singlers?

When you purchase a bottle of e-liquid you may be asked by the salesperson (or at the checkout when shopping online) what type of juice you would like.

Would you like a doubler or singler?

What do these mean and does it matter if I make the wrong choice?

Let’s talk about singlers first.

Singlers are simply a full bottle of e-juice which is ready to vape and isn’t designed to have any nicotine added.

If you’re not planning on vaping with nicotine, then you will want to ask for the singler option.

Doublers, on the other hand, are designed to make it easier for people to add nicotine to their e-liquid. These bottles come half filled, but the flavour is double concentrated (hence the name doubler).

You generally wouldn’t vape the contents of a doubler without adding an unflavoured nicotine base to the bottle. This is because the flavour would be too strong and not the way the juice manufacturer intended.

A doubler or singler bottle look identical, and the only difference is that a doubler will contain half a bottle of liquid whereas a singler will be filled to the top.

Those who are planning on using a doubler would have previously purchased a bottle of unflavoured nicotine base from an overseas vendor as at this stage nicotine is not regulated for sale in Australia. The doubler bottle is simply filled with the nicotine base and is then ready to be vaped. It should be noted that if you are planning to add your own nicotine you need to add double the strength that you want to vape. For example if you are looking for a 9mg strength, you would purchase unflavoured nicotine at 18mg. Once that is added to the liquid in your doubler, the nicotine strength will be diluted by half, creating a 9mg bottle of e-liquid.


Doublers are popular in Australia

In most other countries around the world, it is completely legal to purchase e-liquid already containing nicotine. You can choose the nicotine strength such as 6mg or 12mg and if you choose to vape without nicotine you’ll also have the option of 0mg. Doublers aren’t necessary because you’re able to purchase e-liquid with nicotine already added.

For people who choose the singler option, this is the same as purchasing a liquid with 0mg.

Due to the laws regarding nicotine in Australia, you are not able to purchase e-liquid containing nicotine from an Australian vendor but obviously there are many ex-smokers who prefer to vape with nicotine.

The problem with adding unflavoured nicotine to a 0mg bottle of e-juice is that it will likely dilute the flavour of the juice.

Doublers solve this problem by allowing an unflavoured nicotine base to be added to the bottle without compromising on flavour.

If you’re still confused, think of a doubler as being similar to cordial. To make a glass of cordial you need to add water to dilute the liquid before it’s ready to drink. With a doubler although we don’t use water, the liquid needs to be diluted before use.

We don’t actually add water to doublers but it’s the the same principle.

Note: Please do your research before purchasing a bottle of unflavoured nicotine but it is our recommendation that the nicotine strength should no greater 24mg.

Marc Callec

Marc Callec


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